Hours, Location, and Parking

Open Play Hours:


Thursday 10am-5pm
Friday 10am-5pm


Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 10am-5pm

Reservations available here. Please select Mission Viejo – Open Play Reservations to book your arrival window timeslot.


555 The Shops at Mission Viejo
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Directions →

We are located on the Upper Level, right outside of Macy’s Men & Children. Next to Wetzel Pretzel, across from the Optometry.

Best Guest Parking: Parking outside of the Food Court, closest to the Tesla Supercharger. When Macy’s Men is open (please check their opening hours) – parking at the top level of the Macy’s Parking Structure with entrance to the mall through Macy’s Men is also a close option.

Event Host Parking: After unloading your car in our delivery area (see below), the best place for the hosting family to park is in the same lot where the loading zone is located. After your event, you can pick up your car, and drive it back to the loading zone for re-loading post-event.


Every person who enters BubblePOP play area must have a waiver on file – this includes party invitees, adults who come without minors, grandparents, supervising teachers, caretakers, etc. Minor children should be listed on the responsible adult’s waiver. You are welcome to fill out the waiver in advance online before your visit, or in the store when you arrive.

Waivers are valid for 12-months.

Pro Tip: We highly recommend filling out our waiver online before coming to the store.

No need to print out waiver after filling it out. Information is stored online, and we can look up your waiver online in the store.

Open Play Pricing

You can make a reservation to play at BubblePOP on our booking site and we also accept walk-ins based on availability. There is no payment required at time of reservation, you will be charged admission at check-in.

We do occasionally close for private events. If you make a reservation and a private event is booked – we will notify you ahead of your reservation date and a new reservation can be made. There are no penalties or fees to change reservations. Please check our calendar for all store events and closures.

Please contact us for reservations for groups larger than 10 people.

Reservations are strongly recommended! If you can make a reservation – you know we are available for Open Play.

Admission Prices*

Friday through Sunday (and select holidays):

1 Adult and 1 Child Combo Ticket: $23

Additional Adult added to Combo Ticket: $6

Additional Child added to Combo Ticket: $12

Adult Admission: $15

  • All children 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Adults who purchase or reserve Additional Adult Admissions, must be in the same household as the Adult in the Combo Ticket. Adults in a household must have the same address on their government issued identification.
  • Each person over 18 months who enters our facility must pay an admission fee.
  • Children under the age of 18 months are FREE.
  • Duplicate under the same name for the same day will be automatically cancelled under the system, and only the most recent reservation will remain.
  • Please contact us for groups over 10 people.

*Pricing subject to change.

We are accepting all gift cards, 10-packs, and admission tickets received or purchased prior to our July 2021 reopening. You must have the physical coupon, gift card code, 10-pack card, etc. We do not have a way to track prior purchases.

Please visit our Pricing Page for more information on Multi-Visit Tickets, Group Rates, and Field Trips.