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BubblePOP is a unique indoor interactive bubble experience for everyone! Experience more than 10 different interactive bubble stations including the bubble power, creating a bubble tower, getting inside a bubble, mad bubble party, and dry ice bubbles. Each station allows you and your family to experience bubbles in a new and interactive way.


From birthday parties, fundraising events in the store to conventions and special events off-site, BubblePOP can help make your next event both fun and unique.

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BubblePOP is a great place for all ages! Young children can engage and interact with bubbles – promoting visual tracking, fine motor skills, and hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, among a host of other developmental skills. Older kids and adults can learn tricks with the help of our associates. For the busy adult, bubbles are a known stress reliever. Plus bubbles are just FUN! BubblePOP is a happy, stress-free place! We would love to spend the day with you!

BubblePOP is not currently open. Please follow our Facebook, Instagram, or check back here for all announcements and updates. We miss our BubblePOP Family and are looking forward to welcoming you into BubblePOP soon!

Click Here to check out our online store!  Stay safe and healthy!